Offering Superior Jewelry Appraisal Services

Appraisals are written for one of three general purposes: Insurance replacement value, estate value, or gemstone ID and authentication. All appraisals are researched by a graduate gemologist, Gemological Institute of America.

Appraisals by Appointment

Appraisal services are offered by appointment on Wednesday’s. You can drop off your jewelry the day before which will be insured and locked in our safe overnight. When making an appointment to stay with your piece expect a total waiting time of one hour.
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Appraisal Fees

Our fee is $85.00 per item. The appraisal includes a description of the item, style, weight, quality, measurements of the stones, and a photograph. If necessary, we can also provide a plotting diagram for an extra fee of $15.00. Each piece typically takes 30-45 minutes to evaluate and research. The written appraisal will be ready that day.

Metal, diamond and gemstone prices can fluctuate dramatically. We recommend getting your jewelry appraised every three to five years. Either to update your insurance policy, so you don’t get burned in case of a loss, or just to get measurement of your investment.
Please call Lindell Jewelers at 615-373-7922 or email us to inquire about our jewelry appraisal services.